Survey tags targets for gold deposits

Connemara Mining has completed an airborne search for gold deposits across five license areas in Wicklow and Wexford.

The results of the very low frequency (VLF) magnetic and radiometric survey are being processed by Canadian company Terraquest.

Initial analysis carried out on the raw data by Connemara Mining’s partner in the venture, Hendrick Resources, indicates the presence of previously undetected blind targets.

It is not the first time that VLF survey’s have been carried out in the area, but the technology has improved dramatically since the area was last surveyed 35 years.

Connemara Mining technical director, Graham Reid, said that the surveying technique or variations on it have been used in the south east of Ireland since the 1970s.

However, he explained that the technology and data quality have improved since then with higher powered computers and more sophisticated data gathering systems now available.

It is 35 years since the area of interest to Connemara Mining was surveyed.

It is hoped that the advance in technology will reveal a viable gold deposit in the area.

The chairman of Connemara Mining John Teeling said that the presence of deposits have been well known in Wicklow but viable deposits had been hard to identify.

“Gold in the Wicklow hills has been known for over 200 years but finding commercially viable deposits is a far more complicated issue.

“Dale Hendrick, an acknowledged expert in evaluating airborne survey results has done some work on the raw data from the survey.

“He believes that he has identified previously unknown ‘potential’ targets for gold deposits. These are targets that could not be identified from conventional ground based exploration.

“Final results from Terraquest are due within six weeks following which the next stage of exploration will be decided,” he said.

The airborne survey is part of an ongoing joint venture between Connemara Mining and Hendrick Resources of Canada whereby Hendrick will earn 75% interest in the licences by spending €1 million in helping develop a gold mine.


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