Ask Auntie Social: Should I have a Facebook page?

There are a number of questions to consider before setting up a Facebook page.

Who am I talking to, and are they on Facebook? If you are talking to another business, young people or the over 65s, then Facebook probably isn’t the best channel for you.

What does success look like? Is the point of your page to engage existing customers or advertise to new and existing customers. Deciding on a direction will bring clarity of vision to your marketing.

Can I or one of my staff commit sufficient time to the running of the page to ensure that it is current and engaging for customers? If you have a page it should be updated frequently. It is necessary to build time into your schedule to ensure that this happens.

Plan the message for the medium. Video and photos generate a lot of engagement on Facebook. They will improve how many people see your posts. Engagement is essential. If you are doing something and no-one is liking, sharing or clicking on your post, Facebook will deem your content as boring, and it will show to less people. If you try something that isn’t working, stop, take stock, and change tack.

Ask yourself what your customers want to see, hear and watch, not what you have available to you. For example, as a shop, you might have a lot of brands wanting to advertise their product on your social media page. They might even pay you to run these posts. However, as a customer, you are following the page because you like the shop, not every product they sell. As such, you need to manage the balance between what customer wants and what the business wants.

What customers want has to underpin any social media strategy. Without that relevancy, you will be lucky if 5% of your fans see your post. At that point, you must ask yourself, where is the return on investment?

Establishing a new channel of communication takes time and money. Having strong direction will improve the end result and deliver measurable return on investment.

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