Ask Auntie Social: Should every business be on Twitter?

Short answer - Yes.

Not many businesses can afford to say no to a free service that allows them access 1 billion active users worldwide. However, like all social media, twitter is only as good as the content posted. If you can commit to at least one relevant post a week, then go for it.

What’s a hashtag?

The hashtag is the most popular and universal method of categorising content across most of the big social media networks.

Before you chose one, check to see how that hashtag is being used elsewhere - if that content is related and complimentary to yours, perfect. However if it leads to content that you would not want associated with you brand or post, then back to the drawing board.

Ideally create your own and use it as regularly as possible.

The number of hashtags is equally important - in brief I would recommend the following:

Twitter - 1 to 4 , never more

Facebook - never more than 2

Instagram - as many as possible, in the comments too

Pinterest - 2 to 3 ( in your pin description only)

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