Ask Auntie Social: 'I run three accounts all On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - What’s the quickest way to do it?'

We answer the question sent in by Jenny from Red Balloon, who is our latest winner.

Jenny, thank you for your great question! For any SME business it can be very hard to juggle all accounts at once. The best way to manage your accounts is to use a management system.

There are great tools out there such as Hootsuite. The benefit of using Hootsuite is that you can log in once to manage everything. You can also perform multiple actions from the same platform sharing, scheduling, analysing.

The Networks that are supported on Hootsuite include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram Pinterest and the Gmail app for example.

If you would prefer to use another tool, similar to Hootsuite you could also use Sprout Social, HubSpot, Everypost or Buffer.

If you would like to get really into your data analytics SumAll is a great option as it will pull data and insights from your accounts and you can access numbers from a central dashboard of analytics. You can then check up on these stats by visiting the app, or you can ask for a daily or weekly email with the information you need.

The benefits of using a tool like SumAll would ensure that all reports come straight to you with no searching or extra clicking. You have the choice to select which data and metrics matter most to you.

The networks supported on SumAll include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for example. If you would like to try systems similar to SumAll you could try Social Express or Sociallight.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed when it comes to using social management tools, we would recommend prioritising which platform needs the most attention. As a balloon company with many colourful fantastic visuals Instagram and Pinterest are great for you to show off your product.

Prioritising can allow you to be more efficient when managing your content. Keeping cheat sheets can be very useful, especially around festivities or if you have information and knowledge you’d like to share that is relevant to your audience. It helps you build a content base.

Avoid cross posting on the different platforms. Quality rather than quantity, focusing on engaging the customer and keeping them at the centre of your social media strategy is crucial. Scheduling is great but building a community and loyalty with your followers is key, that means avoiding using the same content across all platforms and being active in responding to customers.

There is a great quote by Danny Meyer the renowned New York restaurateur that truly demonstrates the core of why customers want to engage with brands using social media as a platform.

“One of the reasons people turn to social media for customer service is because they want their concerns heard and validated – it’s one of our most human desires and as a business, the most humanizing quality. It’s important for businesses to not only hear the customers’ concern, but respond quickly and accurately. A good customer service tip: canned responses don’t count. Validate

your customers’ concerns by responding to them person to person. Canned responses merely validate a business is not listening to their customers.”

It is great to be efficient with scheduling on social media but making the customer feel like they are number one is vital.

Once you build your rhythm around scheduling and posting it will soon become part of your social media routine. You might find yourself wondering where they’ve been all your life! Happy posting Jenny!

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