Retailer sees profits double

Pre-tax profits at the main Irish unit of online retailer, Amazon almost doubled to €24.9m, last year.

That is according to accounts just filed by Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd (ADSIL), which confirm that revenues at the firm increased by 51.5%, from €290.8m to €440.3m, in the 12 months to the end of December last.

The scale of the Amazon business in Ireland increased dramatically, last year, with the average number of employees increasing by 291 from 1,046 to 1,337.

Those people are employed by ADSIL and a separate Irish Amazon unit, Amazon CS Ireland Ltd (ACSIL) based in Cork, and the combined staff costs for the two firms increased from €57.76m to €82.7m.

Figures for ACSIL, which operates a customer service centre in Cork, show that its pre-tax losses increased by 25% from €1.2m to €1.6m, in spite of revenues going up by 39% from €41.1m to €57.3m.

The figures for the Dublin-based ADSIL, meanwhile, show that pre-tax profits increased by 83% from €13.6m to €24.9m.

The firm operates data centres to support Amazon websites and it more than doubled its operating profits from €15.8m to €32.19m after incurring administrative expenses of €408.15m.

Established in 2005, accounts for the company’s European Systems & Network Operations Centre show that its largest single expense was the non-cash depreciation costs of €121m on its tangible assets, including its data centres. The firm sustained an additional non-cash depreciation cost of €114.7m on leased assets.

The average number of people employed by the firm last year increased by 191 from 358 to 549, with staff costs going from €31.3m to €50.9m.

A breakdown of employees shows 445 in operations and engineering, with 104 in management.

The pay to staff last year included share-based payments of €5.65m — going up from the €3.3m paid out under that heading in 2013.

ADSIL paid corporation tax of €11.6m last year.

Separate figures for ACSIL show that the numbers that the firm employed last year increased by 100 to 788, with staff costs increasing from €26.4m to €31.8m.

Established at the Cork Airport Business Park in 2006, the firm had shareholder funds totalling €11.2m at the end of last year.

The staff costs included share based payments of €3.67m compared to €3m in 2013. Emoluments to directors totalled €231,789.


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