Ray D’Arcy firm boosts profits as he returns to RTÉ

The return by Ray D’Arcy to RTÉ is paying rich dividends for the popular broadcaster, with his media firm recording profits of €214,936.

The surprise return by Mr D’Arcy from Today FM after 14 years was announced in December 2014. The 52-year-old said at the time that his return “definitely wasn’t motivated by money”.

The radio and TV host said that he was getting paid less at RTÉ than at Today FM.

He said: “I’m getting paid less than I was. I am very well paid. That’s the nature of what I do.”

Mr D’Arcy said the return to RTÉ felt a “bit like coming home”.

Now, accounts filed by Mr D’Arcy’s Whatnext Productions Ltd show that the firm’s total income last year almost topped €500,000. The firm’s definitive 2015 income from RTÉ will not be revealed until next year, when the broadcaster releases its list of 10 best-paid presenters.

However, his firm’s net profit of €214,936 is up hugely from €34,664 posted in the previous year.

The firm owed €66,239 in PAYE and VAT. The accounts show Mr D’Arcy was paid €275,294 by his own firm, which includes pension payments of €30,000.

The pay to Mr D’Arcy by his firm is down €75,000 on the €350,446 he received in 2014 — his last year full year at Today FM.

The profit meant the company’s accumulated loss of €148,259 at the end of 2014 was transformed into an accumulated profit of €66,677, in 2015.

The boost in the firm’s fortunes following his return to RTÉ also had a major impact on the company’s cash pile which increased from only €300 to €125,266.

Mr D’Arcy started presenting his afternoon weekday show on RTÉ Radio One in early February last year and the accounts cover the first 11 months of Mr D’Arcy presenting his show at the station.

The broadcaster’s radio show continues to increase its listenership with the most recent JLNR figures showing the show’s listenership increased to 211,000.

Mr D’Arcy also presents his weekly night chat show on RTÉ 1 on Saturday nights.

Along with Mr D’Arcy, his wife Jenny Kelly and Darren Smith are also on the board.

Mr D’Arcy owns 95% of the firm and Mr Smith owns a 5% stake.

In an interview last year on the prospect of RTÉ publishing his earnings next year, Mr D’Arcy said: “I would prefer if people didn’t know what I was earning.”

D’Arcy said that the stars were aligned in his returning to RTÉ, as he was coming to the end of his Today FM contract.

New people, he said, were in positions of power at RTÉ, and he was “at a certain time in my life”.


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