Q&A: Maushmi Arun co-founder of Twisted restaurant

In this week’s Q&A, Kehlan talks with Maushmi Arun co-founder of Twisted restaurant in Kinsale, Co. Cork. Working alongside her co-founder Christoph Moreau, Twisted has quickly gained a reputation as one of Ireland’s finest restaurants.

What do you think is different about Twisted?

The restaurant itself is quite different than anything you expect to find in Kinsale. It’s run by myself and my partner Christophe Moreau. I’m from Fiji and Christophe from France.

Our head chef is, Guillermo Carrión Garcia, Michelin trained and from San Sebastian in Spain. Our sous chef is from Italy and our commis chef is from France. That allows us to say that our food is not from one particular place.

Our chef was one of the youngest Chef de Partie to work in a three-star Michelin restaurant. He brings in a wealth of experience, recipes and he’s extremely good. We have high-end sophisticated cuisine mixed inside a quirky style of restaurant.

That would be our signature. Being multi-cultural, quirky and having something different to offer.

How do you journey from loving food to owning a restaurant?

My partner and I both love food. I’m of Indian origin and he is French. That means growing up you were surrounded by good cooking and what good food was all about.

Every time we went out we would talk about what a restaurant that had food that we would like to serve. We moved to Kinsale and it the town itself already has a great food culture inside of it.

Our work lives were evolving as well and we got the opportunity to open a restaurant. We had kept saying ‘in the future’ we’d love to open one, but then this opportunity came along and the future became now.

That’s how it started, we just decided that one day we’d open a restaurant and everything fell into place somehow.

So what does good food look like?

High quality, locally sourced ingredients. It doesn’t just need to be fresh, it needs to be really good quality. When you eat something it should put a smile on your face.

When I eat something that I really like I start humming to myself. I’d love to think that people are like that when they are at our restaurant as well.

We have been lucky to get a chef that completely gets that concept. He’s genius who loves food and loves cooking.

He gets that feedback from people and so he puts his heart and soul into every single plate. When we started out it was ‘wow food’ now he says it’s getting harder and harder to impress me because he’s set such high standards in everything he cooks.

So what’s the plan for the next stage of Twisted?

For now the plan is to make sure the business is viable. People come into Twisted from all over the country and always ask us about opening up in Galway or Dublin.

I am 80% sure that the future is bright, the other 20% I’ll leave to circumstance.


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