Four-bed house on a first-class site

THERE’S something about our need to own land. Maybe it’s race-memory of loss and dispossession – urges that drove the Tiger excesses, perhaps, but our love for land endures, and often in disregard of its value – even when economic return has flatlined, there’s an allure to possession.

Tara, on the brim of Maryborough Hill, Cork, is a typically 1970s house. It sits at the front of a level rectangle of gardens comprising 1.2 acres, which fall gently towards Rochestown and the waters of Cork harbour, below. This is a prime site – and the fact wasn’t lost on those who had it earmarked as part of a larger acquisition during the boom. Now, the house and land are on the market at a price of €1.2m through Malcolm Tyrrell, of Cohalan Downing.

And the property is bursting with potential – albeit that the term is a dirty word, at the moment. However, in ten years’ time, will it pay off? The house is a standard four-bed, but it’s the grounds that are going to reel in the buyer. They are outstanding, with mature plantings that belie the size, but give absolute privacy.

Apart from filling the gardens with houses, which isn’t a runner under the circumstances, there is the option to create an outstanding, one-off house here. The luxury/high status element will be the site, of course, but with the right, architect-designed property, a new development could have a double-whammy effect.

And as to the existing? That could be hived off with a smaller amount of gardens and re-sold. The market is there for reasonably-priced, detached homes. Alternatively, and because it’s in very good condition, it could be modernised and lived in until the market turns right again. But first, there needs to be a buyer. And Tara is definitely a property that needs to be seen to be appreciated.


Wesley O’ Regan is the General Manager of Popscene in Voodoo Rooms, Cork city. Popscene opened last November and is Cork’s only themed bar that is dedicated to celebrating the best of the 80s and 90s.'ve Been Served: Wesley O'Regan, Popscene

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