Auctioneer delighted with 10 sales in Frankfield area

THIS week’s auctioneer, in what’s affectionately termed the ‘good girl/good boy’ slot, is Jeremy Murphy of Jeremy Murphy and Associates.

He and wife Lisa Hallinan formed the company four years ago and work out of offices on Cork’s South Mall.

In the last five months they have sold 10 houses in the Frankfield area and, according to Jeremy, that’s two a month, excluding the three weeks of Christmas when the country was iced-in.

“Frankfield has been very good for us and we have 10 houses actually sold – money in and contracts exchanged – since January.

“Generally what I’ve found is that buyers now range from first-timers to those trading-in from the satellite towns around Cork.

“They probably come from the Douglas area originally and want to move back in – there are very good schools in the area, a frequent city bus connection and fast access to the Link road. We’ve been very lucky but it does come with hard work – there’s no easy sale at the moment.”

And Frankfield isn’t the only area where the Murphy operation works – they have sales agreed in the general south Cork area, he says, in Abbotswood, two apartments in Watergold and Thornbury, Rochestown.

“Sales come with good hard work and a willingness to work evenings and Saturdays. And you need a realistic vendor, a good marketing profile and the right auctioneer working for you – you have to believe in the house and believe in the job.”

So, does he read books on sales and marketing, or look at American auctioneers in action?

“Not at all – you just to have complete belief in what you’re doing. If you don’t a viewer can spot it straight away. But we do make an effort. In this market you have to stand out a little and that’s why we designed the ‘Sorry I’m Sold’ boards.

“We wanted to do something different and they work. One of our customers rang to ask for a ‘sorry I’m sold’ board outside her house, but I couldn’t because contracts weren’t signed.”


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