Profits rise at Oscar-nominated Cartoon Saloon

The Co Kilkenny-based animation company behind the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea film saw its profits nearly double last year to €234,067.

Revenues at Cartoon Saloon, which picked up the Oscar nomination in 2014, saw revenues jump by 23%, or €500,000, to €2.7m.

Cartoon Saloon was established in 1999 and today employs around 70 people.

Chief executive Gerry Sherrin yesterday described last year as being “a good year for the studio without doubt”.

He said the increase in revenues came from increased activity pushing the studio to full capacity. That activity included production starting on The Breadwinner, of which Angelina Jolie is the executive producer.

At the end of last year, the firm was sitting on accumulated profits of €653,122 with staff costs last totalling €1.38m. Mr Sherrin said the positive trend in the company’s finances has continued into 2016 “as the revenues from licensing of Song of the Sea around the world can take a number of years to flow through”.

The Song of the Sea launch has been very much staggered from country to country and this continued into 2016.

It only opened in the cinema in China and Japan in August and the income stream is stretched out across the various windows of cinema, digital and streaming and will eventually go to TV and will hopefully continue for many years after this, he said.


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