Poll: 90% of workers expect pay rise

Increasing optimism about the health of the Irish economy has resulted in 90% of employees believing that they will get a pay rise next year.

A survey of more than 700 people by Berkley Recruitment found that 30% more respondents were expecting a pay rise in 2014 compared with results of the Global Sentiment Survey last year.

The high level of confidence displayed by employees is on a par with findings by the recruitment firm in other countries.

Managing director at Berkley Group Fergal Brosnan said that the indicator was a good sign that positivity was returning to the Irish market.

“Global reports suggest the economy is getting back on track, and Ireland has certainly been one of the countries that has noted a more positive sentiment over recent months.

“Employment and business opportunities in the country are certainly on the rise.

“While there is still a way to go before we note similar levels to pre-recession, overall positivity is certainly returning to the Irish market, something we expect to continue across the globe as we move into 2014,” he said.

The report noted that the businesses are being boosted by Ireland’s return to growth, 82% of survey respondents noted that their company was performing the same or better than last year.

However, some sectors are outperforming others. The IT industry is faring particularly well, with 83% of respondents reporting business to be better or the same as last year.

Furthermore, 72% of companies are currently hiring.

The engineering sector is also faring well with 80% of those surveyed suggesting business is doing well or the same.

Within the life sciences arena, promotion prospects are relatively stable, with 61% of respondents reporting the same chance of promotion as last year.

This positivity is also reflected in the rising employment opportunities within Ireland.

Ibec recently reported that the economy has added 20,000 jobs this year.

The majority of respondents (71%) described the jobs market as steady or strong, with 63% of those surveyed recording job creation within their organisation.


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