Newly opened centre to build on growing level of marine research

The growth in the level of maritime research being carried out in Ireland was highlighted yesterday with the launch of the Halpin Centre for Research and Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland in Ringaskiddy.

The acting head of the college, Michael Delaney, said there has been big growth in the number of researchers in the maritime college.

“Eighteen months ago we only had one person employed in research and development in the National Maritime College and now we have 10,” he said.

The development of the of the Halpin Centre completes the internal development of the college which has three pillars of activity: maritime education and training, specialised and bespoke courses for industry delivered through college services, and now, research and innovation activity though the Halpin Centre for Research and Innovation.

Mr Delaney said that the reason behind developing the centre and the college was to drive employment and the local economy.

“Why are we doing this? he asked.

“Employment, it will create employment opportunities and it supports the economic development in the region. We have partnered with multinationals and with local SMEs. We are adding economic growth to the region.”

The Halpin Centre’s work is focused in three key areas, maritime safety and security, maritime education and training and shipping, transport and logistics.

The centre will be an important pillar of the rapidly developing iMERC Campus at Ringaskiddy and as such will facilitate the research inputs of CIT and the Irish Naval Service to the overall research effort in maritime and sustainable energy.


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