National Concert Hall to rebrand

The National Concert Hall (NCH) is aiming to freshen its image via a rebranding exercise.

The Dublin venue is seeking tenders from parties to undertake a brand review and develop a new image.

The NCH is the country’s principal venue for classical music events.

Last year, sell-out shows by Sinead O’Connor, the Buena Vista Social Club and the award-winning The Gloaming contributed to the NCH recording its biggest attendances in five years.

In 2014, 329,650 customers went through the doors of the NCH resulting in ticket sales at the venue increasing by 2.85% to €7m, the highest figure since 2010.

However, the tender documentation admits that consumer research confirms parts of the audience perceive the NCH brand “as rather dull and as a brand only for older people” while pointing out the many advocates of the NCH brand see it as entertaining, high quality, respected and part of our heritage.

The documentation also states that “the challenges to the brand have increased significantly over the past few years as it operates in an even more competitive environment”.

It states: “As we move towards 2016, it is timely that the National Concert Hall brand is reviewed, repositioned and redesigned.”

The rebranding coincides with the NCH going through an “exciting period of transition” with it to be established on a statutory footing, which according to the NCH will further secure the venue’s position “as a major national cultural asset”.

The tender states that “the market space within which the Hall operates continues to be at its most competitive and despite a recovering economy, consumer spend is still challenging in the entertainment sector.

Value for money and excellence in customer service remain key to differentiating the venue from its counterparts”.

According to the NCH, the party which secures the work will carry out a brand review that should inform a blueprint for brand strategy.

“The NCH states that “creating a new brand identity will be an important component in the refurbishment plan and repositioning of the National Concert Hall”.

It says “the new brand identity must be flexible enough to accommodate current and future means of communicating with audiences in the first instance along with stakeholders.

“The requirement is for a new identity and possible supporting strapline or alternative in support of the name National Concert Hall,” it said.

The project is to take four to six months and closing date for submissions in September 18.


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