Mobile marketing getting better and better coverage

The popularity of mobile marketing as a means of reaching, interacting with, and monetising the interest of consumers is growing, according to new research.

A study of marketing managers from some of Ireland’s leading retail, restaurant and fast food brands, compiled by mobile marketing firm ZinMobi, identified the technique aimed at mobile devices as the most effective way of delivering an effective return on investment.

ZinMobi chief executive, Brian Stephenson said the results reflected brands’ increasing awareness of mobile marketing, as conventional methods begin to wane in popularity.

“What excites me about these results is the way that brands have recognised mobile as the instant marketing channel with campaigns quicker to deploy, and delivering instant results.

“Smart marketing managers can now drive instant footfall and sales literally at the touch of a button,” he said.

“We believe that every business knows enough about its customers... to deliver highly-targeted and trackable campaigns.

“With consumers adopting mobile as their platform of choice, brands who do not embrace smart mobile marketing will be left behind,” Mr Stephenson said.

Mobile marketing strategies were also considered to be the quickest to set-up (84%) and the fastest to deliver results (61%), according to the survey.

Awareness of these marketing strategies is spreading too, according to the research, with just 10% of companies not expecting to employ mobile marketing this time next year, compared to 26% presently.

Rather than solely looking to inform its customer base, brands are also increasingly using mobile marketing to engage with consumers through sending coupons or offer messages.

In Ireland, mobile internet access has reached almost a quarter — up 59% on last year, according to a separate report published by StatCounter yesterday.


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