Ireland urged to ‘embrace failure’ by motivational speaker Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi: Brexit an opportunity for Ireland to cement its place as a conduit between the US and Europe

The Irish business mentality needs to change following Brexit or it could stall momentum in the economic recovery, according to American business coach and motivational speaker Keith Ferrazzi.

The Pittsburgh native was speaking at the Pendulum Summit in the Convention Centre Dublin, yesterday, the business development and self-empowerment expo organised by former Irish international rugby player Frankie Sheahan.

Mr Ferrazzi said Brexit was an opportunity for Ireland to cement its place as a conduit between the US and Europe.

“One of my observations, and I don’t know if this is a challenge for the Irish people or just in general, but the familiarity of having gone through struggle for as long as Ireland has economically is a very comfortable coat to wear. 

"With Brexit, it can be very intoxicating to have such a thing to complain about. It was the markets before this, now it is Brexit.

“You can continue to complain, or you can really grab that momentum that we have seen in the recovery and start to power forward.”

He said that as a tech entrepreneur, he was convinced that Irish talent in the sector was the best in the world.

“When I see what you have in Dublin and Cork, I tell myself I need to be recruiting over here in IT. I could have an entire European market to tap into with the ability of your engineers over here.

“This country has to be used as the jumping off point for Europe and the US. The people are amazingly talented. It’s time you told yourself that,” he said.

Texan business development motivational speaker John DeMartini, who gave a seminar on wealth elevation, urged Irish people to embrace failure as well as success.

He said: “You learn the flute by playing the flute. Don’t be worried about how you are perceived by others. If you fail, get up and go again.”

An acquaintance of incoming President Donald Trump, Dr DeMartini told the Irish Examiner that the New York billionaire was not the same in private as he was sometimes in public.


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