Highest pub sees profits soar

Profits at one of the best known pubs in the country, Johnny Fox’s in the Dublin mountains, scaled new heights last year to €334,916.

This followed revenues at the self-styled highest pub in Ireland increasing by 10%, from €3.81m to €4.18m, in the 12 months to the end of Mar 2012.

The profit last year follows Fox’s Pub Ltd recording a loss of €51,194 in 2011, a positive swing of €386,110.

Pub owner Tony McMahon said in an interview yesterday: “Business went very well last year here and we expect a 20% increase this year with The Gathering. We are very happy with how the business is going.”

Mr McMahon said that over the years the pub has provided hospitality to seven heads of state, six prime ministers, along with celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The pub employs 82, staging musical entertainment every night. Mr McMahon said: “We are booked out most nights.”

The Limerick native said: “We are bucking the trend of how rural pubs are doing at the moment.”

Mr McMahon said that there are only 420 people living within a radius of 2.5 miles of the pub. “We are 12 miles from Dublin and that is a great advantage.”

Mr McMahon said that the clientele at Johnny Fox’s is split between 65% Irish and 35% overseas, with 60% of revenues from food and 40% from drink.

Mr McMahon said the pub is successful by being “totally different” to other pubs, for example, not showing sports on its premises. “The only TV in the pub is a 14in and we get busy when there is some match on because people like to get away from all of that.”

The accounts show that the profit last year takes account of non-cash depreciation of €91,807.

Employee costs increased from €1.47m to €1.54m with directors’ remuneration decreasing marginally, from €112,971 to €111,000.

The firm made a gross profit of €2.9m compared to €2.6m in 2011.


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