We must not end up back on our knees

If we are not careful we will be back where we started.

In a way we should be grateful to Enda Kenny — that is grateful that he did not follow his own Programme for Government.

Given his Government’s performance in those areas it did deal with such as the property tax, their dealings with the Garda whistleblower issue, the McNulty affair and last but certainly not least, the Irish Water debacle, it is clear that it cannot be seen to be a proverbial ‘safe pair of hands’. It just always seems to pick the wrong option.

So we should appreciate that, once elected, Kenny tore up those pre-election promises and followed the path already decided and taken by his predecessors — one of austerity and strict compliance with the demands of the troika of IMF, EU and ECB.

Granted neither his predecessors nor he had any choice in the matter given the state of the economy.

The end result is that the country is getting up off its knees. We are in a better place than we were but the people of this country have suffered far more from the effects of this worldwide recession than any of our compatriots across Europe.

The light that he and his colleagues have been seeing at the end of the tunnel for a long time is now being seen by others. We cannot rest on our laurels — we have a long way to go.

We are up to our necks in hock, not only as a nation but also as individuals. We will be paying back the billions we borrowed for a long time to come.

We need a very safe pair of hands but it is doubtful that we have it. It would not take much to put us back on our knees.

The fear we now have is that Enda Kenny could just be the Taoiseach who got us up off our knees only to bring us back down to our knees again because of pride, arrogance and stupidity.

This Government’s penny-pinching ways, its treatment of the old, the ill and a myriad of others unable to look after themselves and the meanness of its dealings on the medical card issue compares very unfavourably when compared with the treatment of the wealthy, the powerful, the bankers and mandarins who gained so much from the boom and lost very little in the recession.

Recent polls have placed a party without a single seat in this country up to a few short years ago, Sinn Féin, has now risen to be seen as the most popular political party in this republic.

To put it mildly that party has an extremely colourful history, and even now is unable and unwilling to deal with the sins of its past.

The local and European elections saw the main political parties take a bath. Recent by-elections saw independents, single issue and anti-establishment candidates win.

It is likely, as it stands, that many more independent, far left and whatever you’re having yourself candidates will be elected come 2016.

We should indeed be very afraid indeed, particularly for our economic welfare. It is possible that no party or group of parties will be big enough to create a government.

The end result could well be a government of multi-parties and independents with no clear agenda and, even if there was one, no motivation to do anything that would go against the self-interest of the individual politician. Economic instability will follow and we will all be the losers.

Whatever you might think about multinational companies they remain a major backbone of this economy. An important aspect of their being located here has been our relatively sand governments that have been stable economic environment roadly business focused. That will change for the worse.

Enda Kenny has fewer than two years now to show that we can once again trust the mainstream parties. To do so he needs to really let ‘Paddy know what is going on’ and not treat him like a fool.

No more mismanagement, misinformation, lies or incompetence will be accepted.

On Irish Water he should hold up his hands and accept that he’s screwed up and go back and put it right. Continuing with something that is not fit for purpose is only going to make matters worse.





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