Computer games industry storms ahead as it enjoys sales of €250m

The computer games market in Ireland was worth €248m last year according to research by Jamie McCormick, an industry specialist who complied the figures in a report, The Games Industry in Ireland 2012.

Mr McCormick’s day job is as the marketing systems manager at He put the figures together to try and find out how the Irish games industry was developing and how much it was contributing to the Irish economy.

The research found that the physical retail of games such as Halo 3, Call of Duty Black Ops II and Assassin’s Creed III in traditional shops dropped from €211m in 2011 to under €165m in 2012. The industry contributes an estimated €34m in Vat to state coffers from the high-street market.

However this figure does not take into account the surge in sales of online games and people buying extra components within games which has increased.

“The figures also reveal that while the retail market may be in decline, sales of digital games goods actually increased by 34% from €62m in 2011 to over €83m in 2012,” said Mr McCormick.

The reports is part of a research project to map the industry across Ireland as well as map where Irish people are working within the global games industry.

It is hoped that through the responses a biannual report will be produced that will help the Government, educators and companies to react to the needs and latest trends in the industry.

Already the report has identified more than 2,800 people who are employed in 80 companies across the country as of the end of Oct 2012.

Mr McCormick believes that the industry reached the critical mass figure of 100 companies operating in the computer and video games industry across Ireland as of the end of Feb 2013.

“The games industry is really accelerating in Ireland at the moment, as teams of like-minded people meet via the likes of last week’s event in LIT Thurles, the ongoing, events across the country and Game Ireland’s recent announcement of an incubator for up to 30 companies in Dublin’s IFSC with Windmill Lane Studios,” he said.

Mr McCormick said that the indigenous Irish games market was producing games that are at the very pinnacle of what the industry offers such as BitSmith Games and’s P-3 Biotic.


Expatriate Irish Games Industry staff are also requested to Tag: VincentRyanBB_URL_“check in” to assist with the 2013 report.


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