City Cinemas enjoys 83% surge in pre-tax profits

Jennifer Lawrence’s latest instalment of The Hunger Games last year contributed to pre-tax profits at City Cinemas Ltd increasing 83% to €437,532.

Figures lodged by the Ward-controlled City Cinemas Ltd show that the firm’s accumulated profits jumped by €366,580 — from €6.2m to €6.56m.

The jump in accumulated profits takes into account the firm’s tax bill for the year.

The accounting period for the firm runs to the end of December last and movies such as the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and Gone Girl contributed to the firm’s coffers. Other big earnings contributors during the year were Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie (€3.8m), The Lego Movie (€3.4m) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (€2.5m), while Gone Girl took in €2.59m at the box office here.

The firm’s cash during the year reduced from €2.88m to €1m. The directors of City Cinemas are listed as Paul and Mary Ward.

The profit last year takes account of non-cash depreciation costs of €85,592. No directors’ fees were paid out by the firm last year.

The amount of corporation tax owed at the end of the year stood at €70,952.

The firm made additions of €2.98m to the value of its land and buildings during the year.

The Wards, along with their former partners, the Andersons controlled about half of the Irish cinema market between them until they went their separate ways in 2013, with DCG the linchpin of their combined operations.


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