Business in ‘a do-or-die’ revolution

Every business will be affected by the huge advancements in software and robots but the “rapid” revolution will nonetheless deliver enormous benefits for humanity, according to a report commissioned by Dell Technologies.

The report, which was written by the Institute for the Future, a Californian think tank, and by technology and other experts across the world, predicts that “society will enter a new phase in its relationship with machines” boosting efficiency and helping humans and organisations “transcend” their limitations.

However, it warns that businesses face huge disruption and will need to adapt swiftly to the challenges.

“Never before has the industry experienced so much disruption. The pace of change is very real, and we’re now in a do-or-die landscape,” said chief marketing officer Jeremy Burton.

“To leap ahead in the era of human-machine partnerships, every business will need to be a digital business, with software at its core.

“But organisations will need to move fast and build capacity in their machines, ready their infrastructure and enable their workforce in order to power this change.”

Rachel Maguire, research director, at Institute for the Future said: “We need to focus on what the new relationship between technology and people could look like and how we can prepare accordingly. If we engage in the hard work of empowering human-machine partnerships to succeed, their impact on society will enrich us all.”

According to the report, technology will enhance “creativity, passion and an entrepreneurial mindset” by 2030.

“This will align with the machines’ ability to bring speed, automation and efficiencies, and the resulting productivity will allow for new opportunities within industries and roles.”

It sees a world where artificial intelligence assistants do more than PAs can do. “Technology won’t necessarily replace workers, but the process of finding work will change,” it said.


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