BRIC shows interest in investing here, body finds

Independent enterprise body Connect Ireland said it has detected significant investment interest in Ireland from China, Brazil, Russia, and India (BRIC).

Established in March, the body has been spending its first few months developing a “connector” network whereby individuals sign up to introduce expansion-focused companies, which may be interested in investing/locating in Ireland, to the organisation.

Connect Ireland — established by the entrepreneur Terry Clune — has been appointed by IDA Ireland to deliver on the ‘Succeed in Ireland’ initiative, which forms part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs programme.

The company is seeking to attract inward investment from smaller-sized enterprises, using the Irish diaspora abroad to drum up interest.

One of its aims is to deliver a broader regional spread of foreign direct investment in Ireland and is chiefly targeting companies in North America and Asia.

Yesterday, the company said it has seen a “stronger than expected” response from “connectors”, particularly from Brazil, Russia, India and China.

“The response to date has been fantastic. People from all over the world have contacted us and put us in touch with successful companies that are in expansion mode,” Mr Clune said.

“We’re currently in talks with many companies who are giving serious consideration to coming to Ireland as a result of this initiative.”

Connect Ireland has seen its pipeline of high-end foreign direct investment prospects jump from 40 to “well in advance” of that figure in the past month, and the company ultimately aims to bring 5,000 jobs to Ireland within the next five years.

Globally, over 6,000 people have signed up to its “connector” network.

If a company expands into Ireland and creates new jobs here, the person who made the introduction will be paid €1,500 per job by the Government, up to a maximum of 100 jobs.


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