Amazon Ireland corporate tax bill halved to €4.93m

The corporation tax bill for online retailer Amazon’s main Irish unit more than halved to €4.9m last year despite revenues soaring 45% to €639.3m.

Newly filed accounts for Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd (ADSIL) show pre-tax profits increased by 5% to €26.2m in 2015.

The scale of the Amazon business in Ireland increased dramatically last year, with the average number of employees up by 272 from 1,337 to 1,609. 

The workers are employed by Dublin-based ADSIL and a separate unit, Amazon CS Ireland Ltd (ACSIL) which is based in Cork. The combined staff costs for the two firms last year increased from €82.7m to €109m.

The relatively low levels of profit and corporation tax at ADSIL arise from its large administrative expenses, which totalled €601.53m last year. Figures for ACSIL, which operates a customer service centre in Cork, show a narrowing in pre-tax losses from €1.67m to €1.45m in spite of revenues rising by 58% from €57.3m to €90.8m.

ADSIL operates data centres to support Amazon websites and the firm’s operating profits rose 15% to €37.8m last year. 

The average number of people employed by the firm last year increased by 221 to 770 with staff costs going from €50.9m to €74m. 

The breakdown of employees show 630 in operations and engineering with 140 in management. Staff pay last year included share-based payments of €8.35m — up from the €5.6m paid out under that heading in 2014.

The figures show that the firm incurred building lease costs of €15.5m last year. Aggregate pay for directors who served during 2015 totalled €1.6m.

The firm’s shareholder funds jumped from €394m to €514m after its ‘other reserves’ went up by €101m to €432m and profits increased.

Separate figures for ACSIL show that the numbers it employs last year increased by 51 to 839 with staff costs increasing from €31.14m to €35m.

Established at the Cork Airport Business Park in 2006, the firm had shareholder funds totalling €13.45m at the end of 2015.

The staff costs included share-based payments of €4.26m, compared to €3.6m in 2013. Directors’ pay totalled €318,101.


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