Beef shows average gains of 4c/kg

Marts: Beef prices showed gains averaging 4c/kg in returns to producers for last week’s kill, which was the highest for a month, as the first of the grass finished cattle are being marketed.

A top price of 370c/kg (132p/lb) was paid by Donegal Meats for U grade bullocks, while AIBP (Cahir) and Donegal Meats shared the highest price for U grade heifers at 367c/kg (131p/lb) — the bullocks gaining 4c/kg and heifers adding 3c/kg.

Intake at the factories increased to 29,410 head. The number of bullocks was up more than 10% at almost 11,100 head.

The first of the cattle finished off the grass are being sold, and with a good thrive over the past month, cattle are finishing a little earlier than expected and will contribute to a likely continuation of the upward trend during the coming weeks.

At the upper end of the price range for the bullocks, Donegal Meats paid an average of 364c/kg (130.2p/lb) for R4L bullocks with Euro Foods, Kepak (Kilbeggan), Slaney Meats and AIBP (Waterford and Clones) all paying 361-362c/kg (129p/lb). The national average for R4L bullocks was 358c/kg (128p/lb).

The flat price purchasing at Jennings (Ballinrobe) pushed them to the top for O4L bullocks at 371c/kg (132p/lb), followed by Euro Foods at 357c/kg (127.4p/lb) and Donegal Meats at 355c/kg (126.8p/lb). An overall average of 350c/kg (125p/lb) was paid for 04L bullocks

Kepak (Clonee) and Slaney Meats shared the top positions for R4L heifers at 366c/kg and 365c/kg (130p/lb) respectively with AIBP (Bandon), Dawn (Waterford) and Euro Foods strong contenders at 363c/kg (129.6p/lb).The overall average was 360c/kg (128.6p/lb).

An average of 348c/kg (124.4p/lb) was paid for O3 heifers.

Liffeys paid 322c/kg (115p/lb) for R grade cows. Dunbia paid 316c/kg (113p/lb) for O grade and 314c/kg (112p/lb) for P grade. Almost 7,500 cows were slaughtered, slightly higher than the same week in 2007.


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