Your Thursday evening catch-up

Good evening. Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on today.


Thomas Kent, one of the executed leaders of the 1916 Rising, is to be given a full State funeral.

A man has been remanded in custody with consent to bail after being charged with stabbing his partner in East Cork earlier this week.

Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy has claimed that the decision to press ahead with criminal charges against water protesters is politically motivated.

Ireland is to design and build its very first spacecraft, it has been announced.

And in part four of our special on rural Ireland, Caroline O’Doherty visits O’Gonnelloe in Co. Clare.


The analysts have different ideas about who will come out on top in the battle between Tipperary and Galway on Sunday.

Waterford legend John Mullane admits his relationship with former manager Davy Fitzgerald remains “awkward and stand-offish”. 


Your Thursday evening catch-up

Huge blasts at a warehouse for hazardous chemicals has killed at least 50 people and turned nearby buildings into skeletal shells in the Chinese port of Tianjin.

In UK news, a five-year-old girl has died after her head became trapped in a lift in a house in Dorset, police said.


A recovering domestic economy is driving strong growth for industrial space as investors turn their focus to logistics and distribution space.

However, economic growth is being sacrificed by re-election politics, according to the association for small and medium enterprises.


Today’s divorce rate in Ireland would count as low for most countries even in the 1950s. Professor Tony Fahey looks back at the predicted surge that never really came.


Model railways for Rod Stewart, Barbies for Johnny Depp and a nice sideline in ‘dance painting’ for billionaire, Michael Flatley — celeb hobbies are quite surprising, says Steve Cummins.


We’re in the midst of a “dating apocalypse,” if one is to believe a recent article by Vanity Fair journalist Nancy Jo Sales, a terrible time in which apps like Tinder have disrupted the basic nature of human courtship and turned us all into sex-crazed commitment-phobes.

It has been less than 24 hours since the news broke that Google has decided to put itself under the brand of the freshly announced Alphabet parent company. This is why Google decided to rebrand itself.


Your Thursday evening catch-up

Straight-A student Georgina Morris will study medicine at university after being inspired by the medics who cared for her father before his death. Read the UK student’s story here.

Back at home, this poor girl from Tipperary was so nervous yesterday, her mam had to slide her Leaving Cert results under her door


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim famously launched on 11/11/11. That’s already almost four years ago and there’s no word on a sequel to the long-running series. And don’t count on there being one soon.

A massive video has been put together cataloguing every instance of boom-age in Arnie’s entire career of action cinema

In technology news, Samsung today announced its newest flagships, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Note 5, at its Unpacked 2015 events in London and New York.


It’s wedding bells for Crystal Swing this weekend, but this time they are on the other side of the band stand. Dervla Burke from the group is getting married on Saturday.


Not to send you into a meltdown or anything but octopuses are basically ‘aliens’ – according to scientists.


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