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Over 10 times the landmass of our nation,  the seabed around Ireland is the source of untold wealth and potential,  if it is used effectively and responsibly

Government ministers have had the right to order gardaí to drive them to work events in “emergencies” since the summer of 2012, meaning other cases similar to the controversy surrounding European Affairs Minister Dara Murphy  may have occurred during the Coalition’s lifetime.

Europe’s leading drugs agency has warned about the danger of a psychoactive substance   which has already been linked to at least four deaths in Ireland. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) said data on the substance called a-PVP — also known as “snow blow” — indicates it is a potent psychostimulant..


Your Monday morning catch-up

Seventeen refugees drowned when their boat sank yesterday off the Turkish coast while headed for the Greek island of Kos, the Anadolu Agency reported.

Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday branded US support for rebel forces Syria as illegal and ineffective, saying US-trained rebels were leaving to join Islamic State (IS) with weapons supplied by Washington.  In an interview with US networks recorded ahead of a meeting with US president Barack Obama, Putin said Syrian president Bashar al-Assad deserved international support, as he was fighting terrorist organisations.

Apple has retained its title as the coolest brand in Britain for a fourth year, but challengers are emerging in the form of Netflix and Instagram, according to an annual survey.  


Another stunning victory for Cork Ladies in an All-Ireland final as they beat Dublin at Croke Park.

Your Monday morning catch-up

Another weekend of surprising football in the top flight. Here are five things we learned from the Premier League this weekend.


THE famed twin towers may no longer be standing but Wembley remains an intoxicating sports arena for players and fans alike. Why else would a world record attendance for a Rugby World Cup game be broken two Sundays in succession? asks Donal Lenihan

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Global regulators have reached a draft agreement on a rule on stopping banks from being ‘too big to fail’ by requiring them to hold enough equity capital and bonds to avoid taxpayers being called on in a crisis.

A new professional body has been established in a bid to cement Ireland  as a premier location of choice for multinational companies establishing a regional sales hub for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.


I don’t know about this Pope at all. I really don’t. He doesn’t fit in the pattern of popes I grew up with, writes Terry Prone .


Often people form an opinion of you before you even open your mouth, says communications expert and CNN veteran Gina London. She tells Áilín Quinlan why she needs to watch her body language .


Around 8,500 runners pounded the streets around Cork City yesterday for the Evening Echo Mini Marathon, with more smiles than grimaces in evidence as they poured across the finishing line.  



Nobody likes spiders, so it’s kind of understandable that you might not want one of the eight-legged insects on your car. [url= then again, nobody likes flaming vehicles either.[/url]One man was faced with both of these terrifying realities after he tried to scare a spider off his car with a cigarette lighter. Luckily for us, the whole thing was caught on CCTV.

Your Monday morning catch-up

In case you missed it, anyone looking at the sky last night glimpsed something nobody has seen for 30 years – a supermoon lunar eclipse.  oAnd it was red. 


GAMING: We’ve been keeping a keen eye on Warhammer End Times Vermintide for awhile now, mostly because the first person co-op action looks like a lot of fun. And now we know when we’ll get our hands on the full title.

MOVIES: It probably isn’t appropriate to be this excited about a TV show, but we’re just about ready to tear our own faces off in anticipation of Ash vs Evil Dead.

TECH: Thanks to a series of leaks, we know almost everything there is to know about the Nexus 5X. The latest leak reveals that the handset will be available in three colours.


Your Monday morning catch-up

Musician and producer Brian Eno has called for a “rethink” of culture due to “complete confusion” around the subject.  The former Roxy Music star said arts and culture are worth pursuing for reasons that are not just economic, arguing that they should play a central role in people’s lives in a world of rapid change.


Your Monday morning catch-up

European Affairs Minister Dara Murphy’s difficulty right now is not that his story keeps changing.  It is that another chapter seems to be added every day,  writes Fiachra Ó Cionnaith


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