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The Government is drawing up plans to house more than 5,000 refugees fleeing the Mediterranean crisis in empty State-owned properties to ensure they are not thrown into the already over-crowded direct provision system.

The Scottish courts system has given special permission for journalists to cover the sentencing of Karen Buckley’s killer Alexander Pacteau live on Twitter.

More than 260 individuals based in Munster are identified as paid subscribers of the dating website Ashley Madison on a list leaked as part of an international hacking scandal.


Nabokov tells us there is no science without fancy, nor art without facts. Can we apply that to yesterday in Croke Park?

Joe Schmidt says the Irish rugby team are still in rehearsal mode


Thousands of refugees yesterday streamed into Germany — many travelling through Austria from Hungary where they had been stranded against their will for days — while EU governments argue over how to respond.

Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admitted she and her family paid a State Department staffer with personal funds to maintain a private email server that she used for both personal and government matters while secretary of state.


Your Monday morning catch-up

Norma Costello travels to Keleti train station in Budapest, and speaks to some desperate Afghan children who crossed six countries only to encounter more hostility and police aggression.


Kehlan Kirwan looks at the myths attaching to the debate about opening borders to refugees, and reflects on the economic benefits that can accrue to a nation by adopting a generous policy.

The Government has achieved a turnaround in the economy. However, there is a major blot on its copybook in the form of a continuing failure to put in place a strategy aimed at reviving the country’s house-building sector.


You don’t have to be Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy to rock a mini, says Paula Burns, who reckons minis are the jewel of the fashion world.


According to World Record Academy, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 52, from Mexico, boasts an appendage measuring 18.9 inches long. That’s approximately the same size as the length of the average newborn baby.

Is your child offering to GNOC for someone who’s just said IWSN? And even if they were would you even know what that meant?


Tom Coffey, of Bachelors in Trouble fame, tells us about this year’s Bantry Agricultural Show at the Beaches, Bantry, West Cork. 


GAMING: Jimmy Kimmel decided to get a bunch of gamers together to find out what the whole game streaming community is about. Here’s how got on with Markiplier and MissesMae.

MOVIES: Here’s what’s coming into Irish cinemas on September 11th.

TECH: Sony Mobile just announced a new suite of handsets at IFA 2015 - the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium. They all come in different sizes with similar specs and features, including the companys’ first fingerprint scanner.


A court hearing into allegations that Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard illegally brought the couple’s dogs to Australia was adjourned until November.


Europe has not, will not, and cannot stop the flow of humans seeking a better life. So they should deal with the situation humanely, legally and quickly, writes Robert Young.


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