Your Monday evening catch-up

Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on today.


A Hungarian MP has warned of the threat of possible terrorists coming through borders and into the EU. Bence Tuzson’s comments come after France announced it will welcome 24,000 refugees,  and as Germany demands European countries do more share the burden of the crisis. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the UK will take in 20,000 refugees. Mr Tuzson said borders must be controlled to protect all EU countries, including Ireland.  

The Tánaiste Joan Burton has said thousands of refugees expected to be taken in by Ireland will not be housed in direct provision centres. 


The sentencing hearing of the man who murdered Karen Buckley in Glasgow is to be televised tomorrow, and will be broadcast after proceedings end. Last month, 21-year-old Alexander Pacteau pleaded guilty to murdering the nurse from Mourneabbey in Cork.

The Scottish courts system has given special permission for journalists to cover the sentencing of Karen Buckley’s killer Alexander Pacteau live on Twitter. Pacteau, 21, who pleaded guilty in August to the brutal murder of the young Irish nurse in Glasgow last April, is facing life in prison ahead of his sentencing diet in Glasgow tomorrow morning. 

An inquiry into the fatal shooting by gardaí of a Real IRA member during the course of an armed robbery almost 20 years ago is to begin in Dublin this week. The commission of investigation into the death of Ronan Mac Lochlainn in Ashford, Co Wicklow, in May 1998, opens for public hearings tomorrow, and the evidence of 85 witnesses is expected to be heard over the next two months.


TJ Reid and Joe Canning. One of them came to Croke Park as the Hurler of the Year elect, the other as not even a nailed-on All Star  – One of them scored the first goal, which mattered a little, the other the second goal, which mattered not at all.

Which of them was the guy who landed three points in the first half and was adamant he’d struck a fourth? Yes, that’s right: Canning. The bottom line rarely tells the whole story.

Your Monday evening catch-up

In soccer, tonight’s clash with Georgia presents an outlet for redemption for Aidan McGeady. Since McGeady sunk Ireland’s late winner in Tbilisi a year ago today, career highlights have been scarce..


Thousands of refugees yesterday streamed into Germany £1.2m in England— many travelling through Austria from Hungary where they had been stranded against their will for days — while EU governments argue over how to respond.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that all EU countries can help to accommodate the human tide from the Middle East and Africa.  French President Francois Hollande announced that his country would welcome 24,000 refugees, and that he and Ms Merkel had agreed on a mechanism to spread the migrant load across Europe.


There have been violent protests in Brussels involving thousands of farmers angry at the prices being paid for their milk. Fires were lit, with police using water cannons to try to disperse the demonstrators, some of whom arrived on their tractors.

It’s that time once again – iPhone fever is rising as we reach September, and the latest Apple live event looms.  iEvery September for the past five years the eyes of the technology world have turned to Cupertino in anticipation of seeing the next generation of iPhone. That is no different this year, with an Apple live event in San Francisco taking place on Wednesday.


Your Monday evening catch-up

Most children don’t want to talk about the war.They dream of going back to school, writes Aleksandar Lazovski .


Your Monday evening catch-up

Roz Crowley meets Pierre Lawton, a globally acclaimed wine merchant, whose long line of Cork ancestors includes a mayor .


Your Monday evening catch-up

We’ve all been there.  A buzzing bee just won’t leave you alone, and try as you might you just can’t catch it.


We’re being absolutely 100% truthful. Analysing a dissected supermarket chicken may not seem to be the best way to create a mythical dragon but, then again, what do we know – because that was the exact technique employed by the makers of Game Of Thrones. And they know their mythical dragons.

At least 90 huge stones have been discovered buried in the ground a mile away from Stonehenge..


GAMING: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain debuted at number 1 in the game retail chart for last week -to the surprise of absolutely no one.

MOVIES: An interview with interview with M Night Shyamalan, who seems genuinely excited about his return to lower-budget filmmaking.

TECH: Canon has developed a new camera sensor, and it can take snaps at 250 megapixels


Your Monday evening catch-up

Bono has confirmed that U2 will be playing in Ireland in November. The venue and exact dates are not yet known but an announcement is believed to be imminent..


Yesterday was the perfect opportunity for us Irish to indulge in one of our favourite pastimes - feeling smug about how amazing hurling is.  But then we remembered Sky Sports were showing the All-Ireland and we could look forward to an afternoon of British viewers reacting with fascination and alarm to the match in Croker. Here’s how the British public reacted.


This Christmas remember that there is no such thing as cheap food.Buy local: Use your LOAF

As we wait, eager and giddy, a collective shudder of agitated ardor ripples through the theatre, like a Late, Late Toyshow audience when they KNOW Ryan’s going to give them another €150 voucher. Suddenly, a voice booms from the stage. Everyone erupts, whooping and cheering. And that was just for the safety announcement.Everyman's outstanding Jack and the Beanstalk ticks all panto boxes

Every band needs a Bez. In fact, there’s a case to be made that every workplace in the country could do with the Happy Mondays’ vibes man. Somebody to jump up with a pair of maracas and shake up the energy when things begin to flag.Happy Mondays create cheery Tuesday in Cork gig

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