MORNING BULLETIN: Underwater searches continue for Mayo man in Canada; Wider access to medical cards in budget

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IRELAND: Thousands more people could receive medical cards as part of the upcoming budget, the health minister has said.

IRELANDPolice in Canada say they fear a 26-year-old Mayo man last seen diving off a bridge in British Columbia has drowned.

IRELANDThe Government’s ‘help-to-buy’ scheme has contributed to a €24,000 surge in house prices in three months, according to a new report.

BUSINESSCork has lost its status as the most popular destination for overseas tourists visiting Ireland on cruise ships after a 12.4% drop in the number of passengers last year.

SPECIAL REPORT: Fianna Fáil has cried wolf so often since agreeing to prop up Fine Gael in Government that some members have grown disillusioned with the situation, writes Political Editor Daniel McConnell.

WORLDDonald Trump has provoked anger after tweeting a mocked-up video of him beating up a man with a CNN logo over his face - as ministers are understood to be braced for a presidential visit.

SPORTAt the moment Munster finals aren’t even full stops on Kerry’s road, reports Tony Leen. Éamonn Fitzmaurice has yet to postmortem a loss in the province as manager, but for the best part of yesterday’s 11-point defeat of Cork.


MORNING BULLETIN: Underwater searches continue for Mayo man in Canada; Wider access to medical cards in budget

FEATURES: Andrea Mara encountered a difficulty breastfeeding her third child, but medics diagnosed a quick and easy solution.

FEATURESJohn Cuffe recalls the day he woke up and saw Cork harbour ablaze. His new memoir of being a prison officer includes a look at the riot on Spike Island

SHOWBIZLove Island fans were in shock after a “savage” recoupling saw seven contestants sent home.


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