Morning briefing: 200 garda boost for specialist crime units. Catch up on all the headlines

Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on today.


Special crime operations are to be boosted by more than 200 gardaí in the coming year as new recruits come on stream.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has called for the cost of public pensions to be examined as part of public pay talks next year, risking fresh friction between unions and the Government over the restoration of pre-crash pay levels.

Homelessness campaigners occupying Apollo House have called upon Housing Minister Simon Coveney to clarify the definition of ‘beds’ in Dublin hostels.

Up to 40% of Ireland’s multi-billion-euro farming and fishing export markets are at risk in a worst-case Brexit fallout scenario, warns Agriculture Minister Michael Creed.


Police in south-west France have arrested a man suspected of having planned an attack on New Year’s eve, a police source said yesterday.

US president-elect Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of creating "inflammatory" roadblocks during the transition of power in America.

A senior member of the Israeli government has called US secretary of state John Kerry's planned Middle East policy speech a "pathetic move", heightening tensions between the two close allies as the Obama administration prepares to leave office.

German authorities say more than 54,000 migrants, including failed asylum-seekers, have received approval for government funding to return to their homeland this year, paving the way for a significant increase in voluntary departures.


Morning briefing: 200 garda boost for specialist crime units. Catch up on all the headlines

Shane Lowry will forever remember 2016 as the year he got married and then learned he will become a father five weeks before the 2017 Masters.

CJ Stander says Anthony Foley is continuing to inspire Munster and the province’s players have vowed to do something special in Foley’s memory this season.

Charlie McCarthy, the latest inductee into the Munster GAA Hall of Fame, can put his medals on the table with the best of them. Though his stellar time in a Cork jersey had several false starts.

From being banned from playing in the street leagues as a kid to captaining and managing her country, Sue Ronan has seen the landscape of the women’s game in Ireland change dramatically in her lifetime, but the FAI’s Head of Women’s Football tells Liam Mackey there are big challenges ahead.


Donald Trump, and even Bernie Sanders, rapidly became mainstream in 2016. It used to take years, even decades, for an outsider to become an insider, writes Alissa Quart.


A random walk around Cork City provides a swathe of developments that provide reasons to be optimistic as we enter the new year.

Irish stocks are headed into a loss of up to 4% in 2016, after a year of almost two halves in which prices tried to claw back the huge losses suffered following the UK’s Brexit vote in late June.


Morning briefing: 200 garda boost for specialist crime units. Catch up on all the headlines

The proliferation of social media has led to a wave of digital influencers, whether it be through their blogs, Instagram, or Snapchat. Paula Burns finds out how they work.


Actor and singer Debbie Reynolds has died, barely a day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher.


When it comes to scientific achievements, 2016 has certainly been one worth celebrating.

Apple released its latest iPhone, PlayStation unveiled its virtual reality headset and Pokemon returned in app form, making 2016 a pretty good year for technology.


Christmas may be over but there's no reason we can't relive some of its charitable moments.


Inner city residents have objected to plans by the Cork Penny Dinners charity to develop a new day-centre.


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