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The health minister’s five-point plan to tackle record waiting lists has been described as “verbiage” and “short-term” at a time when the health service has suffered such reputational damage that doctors and nurses no longer want to work here.

Junior minister John Halligan has called US presidential candidate Donald Trump an “asshole” and said the US military should be banned from stopping off at Shannon Airport.

The decision by Britain to leave the EU and the resurgence in outward tourism have contributed to an almost 50,000 increase in passport applications in the first seven months of this year, figures from the Department of Foreign Affairs show.

A set of guidelines for HSE staff on how to deal with parents who have lost a baby is to be launched this morning.

A strategy for an all-out strike at Dublin Bus cannot be decided until all the unions have completed their ballots.


A notorious rapist who muffled his victims' screams with a pillowcase is back in a US mental hospital, two years after he was released over the protests of prosecutors and women who feared he would attack again.

Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

A freight train carriage that derailed in northern Iowa rolled into and damaged a track-side bar - called DeRailed.


LATEST: Irish boxer Michael O’Reilly has left the Olympic Village after it was confirmed that he will not compete for Team Ireland at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

TOP STORY: Irish middleweight boxer Michael O’Reilly yesterday evening admitted taking a supplement that may have contained a banned substance.

ANALYSIS: Ireland lost another of its boxers last night as lightweight David Oliver Joyce was given a masterclass in the noble art by world number two Albert Selimov and a third when Irish Olympic chiefs confirmed Michael O’Reilly will not fight in Rio.


Former All Star Ray Cosgrove has warned ex-Dublin colleague Diarmuid Connolly that there’s more ‘treatment’ coming down the line for him.

Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

Manchester United can expect to recoup most of the world-record fee they paid for Paul Pogba in commercial revenue the midfielder generates, according to a leading football financial expert.


There were 8% fewer professional jobs available in July compared to this time last year.

It could take the UK up to 10 years to strike a final agreement to leave the EU, a leading economist has said.

Dublin is likely to see an influx of financial services workers from London from the end of this year as the fallout from June’s Brexit vote starts to influence the Irish jobs market.


Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

Looking for inspiration when cooking summer treats for the kids? Where better to look than in their storybooks, says Caroline Hennessy


Plenty of acronyms, but very few answers — listening to Health Minister Simon Harris on Morning Ireland yesterday it was difficult to see how any of what he is proposing differs from anything we have heard before.


Hollywood heart-throb Chris Hemsworth performed a stunt that has us questioning why he’s not at Rio competing in gymnastics.


Seeing that you’re taking time out of your day to complete this quiz, we can assume you are unemployed or sat at work hating all career-based decisions you’ve made up until this point. But you’re here now, so you might as well give it a shot…

Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

If only falling ON the workout wagon was as easy as falling OFF it. If you are on the lookout for some tips to get you off the sofa binge-watching Orange Is The New Black and back on the treadmill, look no further. Bradley Simmonds, personal trainer, gives us a rundown of his top tips for staying motivated.


GAMING: There are no full reviews for No Man's Sky out yet, and maybe that's the ideal way to discover the game. Inserting the shiny disk and letting a universe unspool before you in all its awesome majesty and treacherous danger.

MOVIES/TV: The one and only Strider, also known as Aragorn, later called by the name King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor is coming to Dublin. He's also called Viggo Mortensen sometimes.

TECH: High Dynamic Range photography means capturing images at different exposures and combining them to fill in shadows and restore detail to highlights.


Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

One of Ireland’s favourite theatres has just got an incredible makeover. Dublin’s Olympia Theatre has undergone a serious renovation to “bring her to her former glory”.


Perhaps Islamic terrorism is a globalised commodity that anyone anywhere can simply download off the internet, writes Gerard Howlin


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