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Fine Gael has denied doing a deal with Independent TD Michael Lowry  in exchange for his support.

Newly appointed Housing Minister Simon Coveney has denied he has been given a “poisoned chalice”  and in fact requested the portfolio.

Ryanair has backed a low-fares rival’s plans to launch the first  transatlantic flights from Cork Airport,  as opposition to the service mounts.

Secondary school pupils are worrying about getting jobs, being forced to leave home to find work,  and owning a house of their own.

One of three fire fighters injured in a weekend blaze in Co Cork remains in hospital on foot of injuries  caused by an explosion  that occurred while they were trying to bring the fire under control.

Secondary school pupils are worrying about getting jobs, being forced to  leave home to find work,  and owning a house of their own.


Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

Authorities say they have reached a turning point in the battle against an enormous wildfire and are hoping to get a "death grip'"  on the blaze that has ravaged parts of Canada's oil sands city of Fort McMurray amid cooler temperatures and light rain.

Donald Trump has done a U-turn in the row over low pay, saying yesterday that “people have to get more,”  after spending time on the campaign trail striking down the possibility of a hike in the minimum wage.


Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

Clare’s first Division 1 title since 1978 was helped  in controversial circumstances  although they won’t be too upset about Tony Kelly’s late brace of points, which guided them to victory, writes John Fogarty.

Footballer Steven Gerrard says he is enjoying going "unnoticed" in Los Angeles,  but plans to return to Liverpool  "sooner rather than later".


Traditional lending institutions such as banks have been accused of  doing a poor job  in understanding the nature of the agri-food sector.

Ireland is ideally placed to develop Europe’s first dairy sector futures and options index, creating a model for EU-wide adoption,  agri-food industry leaders have claimed.


Everybody’s out hillwalking, running, Ironmanning.  [url=]Except me, [/url] writes Terry Prone


Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

The modern Irish Girl Guide is a feminist who not only learns lessons but also takes  action 


A wildfire in the heart of Canada’s oil sands has torched 1,600 homes and other buildings.  More than 80,000 people have left the city of Fort McMurray and the Alberta government has said the blaze would cover more than 494,211 acres by Sunday.

KFC has decided it’s time they give their catchphrase “finger lickin’ good”  a literal meaning. 


GAMING: Claycat takes on Doom is this absolutely incredible video made by the extremely talented Lee Hardcastle.

MOVIES: A mobile game is getting the big screen treatment this week, which is a pretty strange state of affairs,  and there's drama and horror too in the latest movie releases

TECH: It may surprise you to see just how insecure your password is. BetterBuys launched a tool that estimates how long it would take to crack your password.


Kim Kardashian was treated to a private orchestral performance in her living room  as mums across America celebrated Mother’s Day.


Tom Hanks became audibly emotional as he described the loneliness of his “vagabond” childhood  on Desert Island Discs.


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