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Former “singing” priest Tony Walsh faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison for raping a boy with a crucifix, a court has heard.

Console’s interim CEO David Hall has been given permission to gain access to a storage unit that was paid for under the name of the charity’s founder Paul Kelly. Earlier, Paul Kelly’s sister Joan McKenna asked for more time to reply to allegations made by Console.

Neighbours of the family of a two-year old boy, who fell from the sixth floor of a hotel, said, they are praying he will make a full recovery.

Plans for an all-Ireland forum to discuss the fallout from Brexit have fallen through - after being blocked by the North's First Minister.

The number of rough-sleepers in Cork has hit an all-time high, rising by 1,000% in the last four years.


Catch-up with what you've missed today with our evening briefing

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he is not going anywhere - despite the vote of no confidence in him by his MPs.

Andrea Leadsom has officially launched her candidacy for leader of the Tory Party and de facto Prime Minister today, with a speech that promised “fresh leadership” for the UK.

Earlier today, Nigel Farage announced he is stepping down as leader of Ukip, saying "I've done my bit."

Thirty-eight people have been detained by Italian authorities in a crackdown on a migrant trafficking ring which used a Rome cosmetics shop as a base for illegal financial transactions, officials have said.


Ten minutes into the second-half in Croke Park yesterday, there was a sense that there was something different about Galway this year, writes Anthony Daly.


Catch-up with what you've missed today with our evening briefing

Gareth Bale has promised Wales will not freeze on the biggest night in the nation's football history. Wales meet Portugal in Lyon on Wednesday night for a place in the final of Euro 2016.

Republic of Ireland supporter Jamie Monaghan has been selected to accept the prestigious 'Médaille de la Ville de Paris' from the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, which has been awarded to Irish fans for their ‘exemplary behaviour’ at UEFA EURO 2016.

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The employers group IBEC have said Britain may attempt to poach multi-nationals like Google, and even major Irish firms, in the wake of the Brexit.

An email phishing scam that tricked users into downloading malware by posing as a Facebook notification hit almost 10,000 people in a week, anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab claims.


Catch-up with what you've missed today with our evening briefing

It’s not just Donald Trump. The USA has a long history of jokers, eccentrics, and megalomaniacs running for the top office, from immortals to the king of the world, reports Robert Hume


Economists had overwhelmingly told that a British vote to leave the EU would entail significant economic costs, but voters failed to take heed of the warnings, writes Jean Pisani-Ferry


The death toll has now risen to 200 and hundreds are injured after a suicide truck bomb exploded at a busy shopping area in Baghdad on Sunday morning.


Everybody loves a good dog meme, or that video of cats terrified of cucumbers. How about a Craiglist advert for an enthusiastic tortoise-walker?

In response to the shocking rise in hate crimes since the Brexit vote, some have been spreading their own messages to people who have been made to feel threatened or unwelcome in Britain.


GAMINGSome involved in Battlefield 1's closed alpha have datamined the game, revealing all the juicy details about the campaign and multiplayer.

MOVIESIt's the fourth of July right at the end of one of a major celebration weekend in the US. Typically, it's a time that's spent away from cinemas, hence some relatively low numbers for mid summer.

TECHA benchmark posted online reveals that the upcoming Nexus M1, otherwise known as the HTC Marlin, will be quite a powerful device.


Catch-up with what you've missed today with our evening briefing

Chris Evans has stepped down as a presenter of Top GearEvans may have only landed the role a little over a year ago, but some fans didn’t seem too concerned he wasn’t returning to the driving seat for another series.


It has a price tag that your average oligarch would baulk at. But somebody splashed the cash leasing a 240ft-long, €120m yacht which docked in Kinsale, Co Cork yesterday. The Grace E — which costs a cool €700,000 a week to hire — comes with an open air jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym, a hydrotherapy bath, and a pool.


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