Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

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A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is the "main target" of the media investigation into offshore accounts, but that he is not implicated in any wrongdoing.

The political future of Iceland's prime minister is in danger because of his reported links to an offshore account in the British Virgin Islands.

More than 300 companies in Ireland have been linked to the so-called 'Panama Papers' release. The Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton says anyone found to be evading tax will be prosecuted.

Panama's president said his government will co-operate "vigorously" with any judicial investigation arising from the leak. President Juan Carlos Varela said the revelations should not detract from his government's "zero tolerance" for any illicit activities in Panama's finance industry.

Find all the latest on the Panama Papers HERE.


The Health Minister Leo Varadkar has been attacked after he tweeted a photo of his election posters, saying he was ready to run again. Meanwhile, former Tánaiste Michael McDowell has accused the country's two biggest parties of allowing their fear of Sinn Féin to stop them from forming a new Government.

A truck driver had a lucky escape after his long vehicle jackknifed across the N24 Limerick Waterford Road this morning.

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy said today that he wants to be tried with all the other water charge protesters accused of falsely imprisoning the Tánaiste in Dublin.

Fianna Fáil has accused Irish Water of using taxpayers’ money in order to prevent it and other political parties from implementing the people’s will and abolishing the utility.


A man on a British Airways flight had to go to hospital after being bitten as he stepped in to help crew members subdue a "violent passenger".

Child survivors of the Nepal earthquake are being sold to British families for a few thousand pounds to work as domestic slaves, according to an investigation.


Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

The terms of an independent inquiry into UK Anti-Doping's response to allegations that a doctor prescribed performance-enhancing drugs to 150 athletes is expected to be drawn up on Monday.

Argentinian prop Cipriano Martínez is in serious trouble after being caught on camera kicking an opponent into the face. The violent assault was filmed during a club game between his side Pucará Club and San Albano at the weekend.

Peter McNamara looks at all the weekend's GAA talking points including Micheál Donoghue, Clare and Limerick and Paul Murphy.


The current political uncertainty is not good for our economy in the long term, according to the latest economic forecast from Goodbody stockbrokers.

The contribution of US multinational companies to the Irish economy is immense.


Authorities cannot say they were unaware of the potential for catastrophe in forensic science as they were warned of the difficulties stemming from poor working facilities, writes Cormac O’Keeffe


Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

Suzanne Harrington says the nightmare of US housing is starting to resonate here too.


One of the few multi-million euro restoration projects to have gone ahead during the economic downturn has been unveiled to the public with the limited reopening of Killarney House and Gardens, yesterday.


As anyone who wears make-up knows, there is a huge variety of colours, textures and brands to choose from even in the most basic of chemists. It can be confusing, even for those in the know. Which is why this girl’s idea to send her boyfriend to pick out some bits for her was wildly optimistic.

Police are on the hunt for a burglar who broke into a property and stole a number of items, while trying to hide his identity with a duvet.


GAMING: Early footage of the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda has been leaked online.

MOVIES: There's a prequel to The Huntsman out this week, minus a leading character, but the one we're most excited for is a crazy looking action film which all takes place from first person.

TECH: Jason Statham is everyone in this new advertisement for the LG G5 smartphone - and it really is exceptionally strange.


Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

RTÉ’s interview with drug mule Michaela McCollum has caused a stir with viewers. The national broadcaster aired an interview from Peru, where she spoke about how she became a drug mule in Ibiza and what happened when she got caught in Peru.


Donal O'Grady says in his column that Cork were shrewd in the use of subs at the weekend, which proves they have reserve strength.


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