Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

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A 16-year-old boy has been charged in connection with the death of Lorcan O'Reilly in Dublin last November. Gardaí arrested the teenager yesterday morning.

Acting Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has said Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil could sit down this weekend to discuss the formation of a government, before talks with Independents have concluded.

The mass forced return of refugees from Turkey to Syria exposes the flaws in the EU-Turkey deal, according to Amnesty International.

The head of the Workplace Relations Commission Kieran Mulvey has said he has no intention of standing down after SIPTU head Jack O'Connor called on him to do so, having accused Mulvey of bias in the Luas dispute.

A local politician fears becoming homeless after his home was repossessed. Independent Cork county councillor, Joe Harris, spoke out yesterday to warn that no one is safe from the housing crisis sweeping the country.


A suspected gas blast in the heart of Paris has caused streets to be evacuated, and damaged at least one building. Five people have reportedly been injured. Smoke was seen billowing from an apartment block, and at least one building has been extensively damaged.

You might want to leave your whoopee cushions at home if you are spending this April Fool’s Day in China. Pranksters across the world’s most populous nation will have been left disappointed at news that the Communist Party has condemned the annual day of mischief.


Face swapping is THE trend of the moment online. Forget selfies - the most shared images right now involve digitally exchanging faces with your nearest and dearest. Now Ireland star Cian Healy has gotten in on the act - and the result ain’t pretty.

Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

A hapless presenter was the subject of an early April Fools’ Day prank at Manchester City. CityTV reporter Nicola McCarthy thought she was doing a regular interview with injured midfielder Fabian Delph. But her crew were actually conspiring with the footballer to prank her.


Small and medium businesses are sharing in the Irish economic recovery, new research released today shows.

A total of 542 co-workers at IKEA's Dublin store will receive a pay rise today. The Swedish furniture retailer will pay 413 workers in Ballymun a 'living wage' of €11.50 per hour.


Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

Ryan Vail used his restoration project on an old piano to inspire his debut album of mellow electronica, writes Ed Power


The fall-out from its disastrous election performance was reflected in a stormy six-hour meeting this week, but the Labour party faces an enormous task to revive its fortunes and regain the trust and support of the electorate, writes Political Correspondent Juno McEnroe


Who have been the biggest disappointments this season? Balltalk's Neville O'Donoghue, Steve Neville and Robert McNamara discuss.


April Fools’ Day can be a difficult day on the internet with a myriad of clearly nonsensical posts mixed in when others that you’re just not sure of. And then there are the stories that seem to cross the line into bad taste. Which is what seems to be the verdict on Kildare Now’s April Fools offering.

Some say that the simplest of tricks are often the best, and this one has definitely got us chuckling in the office. There is a real sense of pride in buying a new car, and the only thing that can bring you down from such a high is thinking there is something wrong with it.


GAMING: Dark Souls 3 has been out for a week in Japan, more than enough time for speedrunners to push the boundaries of what is possible.

MOVIES: Lenny Abrahamson is following up the massive success of Room with a couple of new projects, including a drama set during World War 1

TECH: Nintendo’s Miitomo has hit 3 million users just a day after being released worldwide.


Catch-up with what you've missed so far today with our lunchtime briefing

Comedian and actor Billy Connolly has a message for fellow Parkinson’s disease sufferers: don’t try showering on a train.


While she does not condone terrorism, Jennifer Hough wonders why, if it is OK to stand in commemoration of the men and women of 1916, is it wrong to do the same for those who fought in the Troubles?


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