Throwing shade is now totally dictionary approved, thanks to Merriam-Webster

It’s time to rejoice because “Side-eye”, “throw shade” and “face-palm” are amongst the 1,000 new entries to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

And people feel especially great knowing their use of “shade” now has total legitimacy.

Merriam-Webster has actually been giving us a bit of a lesson recently in just how to throw shade – at a certain government.

And they’ve previously mocked Donald Trump for his misspelling of the word “unprecedented” in a tweet which he later deleted.

Of course, shade isn’t the only addition to the dictionary that’s getting people excited.

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We can’t help but feel there’s been a bit of a shout-out to Michelle Obama with the new entry of “FLOTUS”…

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And there’s one fantastic-sounding word that we can’t help but point out has been added back in – “snollygoster”. Hmmmm, what do you think of that Trump? *throws shade*

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