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Tens of thousands rally against nationalism ahead of European elections

Protestors rally in Hamburg, Germany, today in one of many demonstrations across Europe under the slogan 'A Europe for All - Your Voice Against Nationalism'.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to right-wing populism and nationalism took to the streets in different European cities today, ahead of the European Parliament elections.

Marches in Germany were held under the banner of One Europe For Everyone: Your Voice Against Nationalism in cities including Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg.

Organisers from more than 70 groups support the European Union but also urge changes in migration policy, such as support for refugee rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

Other gatherings under the slogan No to Hate, Yes to Change were planned in Budapest, Genoa, Utrecht, Warsaw, Bucharest and other cities.

The dpa news agency said organisers reported 20,000 protesters in Berlin, while police estimated 10,000 in Munich, 14,000 in Frankfurt, and 10,000 in Hamburg.

-Associated Press

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