Teen missing from Spain rescued from Satanic sect in Amazon rainforest

A young woman from Spain who went missing last year has been rescued from a satanic sect in the Amazon rainforest.

Spain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed to the El País newspaper that Patricia Aguilar, who was 18 when she disappeared, has been found in Peru.

Police in Peru arrested Félix Steven Manrique, who is accused of heading a sect that kept three women, including Patricia, as sexual slaves.

Patricia, who now has a one-month-old baby, was reunited with her father Alberto Aguilar.

"It was a psychological kidnapping," her father told El País.

Her relatives say Patricia was lured to Peru over social media, where she was in touch with the leader of a sect.

Police have arrested Manrique, who goes by the name of Prince Gurdjeff, and charged him with human trafficking.

Spanish citizen Patricia Aguilar, third from left, holds her baby at a police station, alongside two other Peruvian women and their children, after they were all rescued. Photo: Peru's police press office via AP

Manrique claims that he was chosen to repopulate the Earth following the Apocalypse, which is why he keeps a harem of women.

Patricia was found five hours after Manrique’s arrest with four children aged between four to 10 who were fathered by the sect leader. Her own baby was also with her. The children appear to be suffering from malnutrition.

A lawyer for SOS Desaparecidos told El País that Manrique never left the house where he held his rituals.

“He would send the women off to work,” said Maite Rojas. One of the women is eight months pregnant.

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