Suspected fuel thief 'run over by accomplice at petrol station'

A suspected fuel thief was run over and killed by his accomplice as he tried to drive off from a petrol station, a court heard.

Shakrul Islam, 31, is accused of killing friend Kyle Clarke, 27, who he ran over during a botched theft at a filling station in Bristol.

Islam, who could not drive, got behind the wheel of the silver Ford Fiesta after a petrol station employee grabbed Mr Clarke as the pair attempted to get away, Bristol Crown Court heard.

CCTV cameras on the forecourt in Hengrove, Bristol, capture the incident showing worker Abu Sayem grappling with Mr Clarke - who then falls to the floor - before Islam suddenly drives at the pair and runs over his friend.

Mr Clarke's body is caught under the wheels of the car and was dragged for some distance before Islam is apprehended.

Islam, of Rounceval Street, Chipping Sodbury in South Gloucestershire, denies the manslaughter of Mr Clarke in January this year, but has pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

Anna Vigars QC, prosecuting, told the court Mr Clarke was filling up petrol containers stored in the boot of the car when staff became suspicious because they had suffered other recent fuel thefts.

"Mr Sayem came out of the shop and onto the forecourt and went over to the Fiesta," Mrs Vigars said.

"Once Mr Clarke saw him he stopped filling containers in the boot. Mr Islam was sitting in the passenger seat and Mr Clarke got into the driver seat.

"Mr Sayem shouted at Mr Clarke to pay for the fuel and Mr Sayem thought he was about to set off and he grabbed the ignition key and both Mr Islam and Mr Clarke tried to stop him.

"Mr Sayem was able to get hold of Mr Clarke and pull him out of the car. There was a tussle between the two men with Mr Sayem trying to control Mr Clarke and Mr Clarke trying to get away.

"The car rolled backwards. Mr Islam was still in the passenger seat of the car at the rear of the pumps. He sat in the driver seat and he accelerated forward and the steering wheel was turned and he drove straight at the two men.

"Mr Clarke ended up on the ground and Mr Islam drove straight over him as he lay on the ground. Tragically he trapped Mr Clarke's body under the wheels of the car and he drove off with him under the car."

A post mortem examination found Mr Clarke had suffered 48 rib fractures, fractures to his breast bone and collarbone and collapsed lungs.

After being arrested, Islam told police he knew Mr Clarke intended to steal petrol, but had not realised after running him over that he was trapped under the wheels.

"He said he got into the driver seat in a panic and just started the car because he didn't want anything to do with the petrol being taken and just wanted to go home," Mrs Vigars said.

"He said the car was in gear and he didn't know how to change gear and he just moved off.

"Mr Islam told police he was not trying to scare Mr Sayem and he had turned that hard to leave the forecourt."

Mrs Vigars added: "The Crown's case is that he deliberately took the line he took to assault Mr Sayem who had been wrestling with Mr Clarke. We do not suggest he drove deliberately at Mr Clarke.

"He accepts that he is responsible for Mr Clarke's death by dangerous driving. We say that he took that line deliberately to commit an unlawful act, which we say was the deliberate driving at Mr Sayem."

- PA

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