Spanish Islands approve 'bloodless' bullfights

MPs in Spain's Balearic Islands have banned the killing or harming of animals at regional bullfights.

A majority of left-wing members of the regional parliament passed a "Balearic-style bullfighting" bill on Monday.

The law also requires anti-doping tests for both matadors and bulls and limits the time each bull spends in the ring to 10 minutes.

Alcohol consumption and spectators under the age of 18 have also been banned.

Conservatives who opposed the law said promoters will find it virtually impossible to hold bullfights under the new restrictions.

Opponents also said the bill could be at odds with the protection the Spanish Constitution grants to bullfighting as national heritage.

Animal rights group the Humane Society International hailed the move by the islands' parliament as "a very satisfying victory for compassionate policy-making".

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