Pitcairn passes same-sex marriage law - but will anybody use it?

The Pitcairn Islands has passed a law allowing same-sex marriage – but appear to have no gay couples wanting to wed.

Islanders on the tiny speck in the Pacific that is home to just 48 people are descended from the mutineers of the British navy vessel Bounty and their Tahitian companions.

Pitcairn is a British Overseas Territory that has some legal autonomy and is often considered the world’s smallest country by population.

Pitcairn deputy governor Kevin Lynch said the new law came into effect on May 15 but was not published online initially after the island’s website encountered technical issues.

He said the change was suggested by British authorities and approved by the local council.

Resident Meralda Warren said there have not been any same-sex marriages and she does not know of any gay couples wanting to wed.

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