Parents Against Gun Violence share shocking reasons people were shot in America last month

Parents Against Gun Violence has compiled a list of reasons people were shot in the US last month.

The handful of reasons were collated from various reports throughout January and then summarised in first person, with some of them so shocking it would be hard to justify each resulting injury or death.

Here are a few of the reasons Americans shot …

Here are some of the reasons behind each incident:

“I work at a butcher shop, where we received a live buffalo to process. I was up on a ladder with a gun trying to shoot it, but it bumped the ladder and I shot myself in the leg. (KS, 1/13)”

“I got in a fight with a guy, so I grabbed my gun and fired at him. My shot went through a wall and killed a woman in the next room. (TN, 1/14)”

“Some guy dinged my door in a parking lot and we started arguing about it. We both had guns, so I shot him first. (TX, 1/17)”

“My brother was arguing with me about which one of us treats Grandma right, so I shot him. (TX, 1/19)”

(Yui Mok/PA)

“I was arguing with my stepson about chilidogs and I said I was gonna shoot him. So my wife hid my gun. Then he kept arguing with me so I got my OTHER gun out and shot him dead. (FL, 1/23)”

“My neighbour was yelling at me because I kicked her dog, so I shot her dead. (TX, 1/24)”

“I accidentally ran over a dog with my car. The guy who owned the dog was really mad about it and was yelling at me, so I shot him dead. (AL, 1/25)”

“Somebody in another car flashed their bright headlights at me (I was driving with my brights on), so I turned around, followed him and shot him. (NC, 1/28)”

(Barry Cronin/PA)

Parents Against Gun Violence advocate “common-sense policies” that can reduce gun violence, and the injury and deaths of US citizens.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 6,176 gun-related crimes have already been committed in 2017, resulting in 3,116 injuries and 1,634 deaths.

These numbers include the injury or death of 67 children between the ages of 0-11, and 318 of those aged 12-17.

Unintentional shootings accounted for 214 of incidents, with self-defence accounting for 246, and home invasions 297.

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