Latest: UK respond to leaked report branding Brexit talks as chaotic and incoherent

Update 11.58am: Downing Street has defended the UK's preparations for Brexit and insisted there was a "good and constructive" relationship between London and Dublin.

Theresa May's official spokesman said: "I don't comment on leaked documents. The Government is working hard on preparations for Brexit."

He added: "There is good and constructive working relationship with the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach."

There had been progress in talks on the issues with Ireland - particularly the common travel area - but there was "more work to be done, everybody accepts that", the spokesman said.

"Equally I think everybody is committed to ensuring a frictionless border," he added.

Update 11.08am: Leaked report reveals EU officials’ scathing view of UK performance in Brexit talks

The UK’s performance in Brexit talks has been branded chaotic and incoherent in a leaked report by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The internal government paper, obtained by RTÉ News, apparently documents EU figures’ scathing assessments of key UK cabinet members such as Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

The confidential document is based on a compilation of political reports from Irish embassies across Europe between November 6 and 10.

It claims that Brexit was barely mentioned during a meeting between Mr Davis and French ministers for defence and foreign affairs - something which was viewed as a wasted opportunity.

In another meeting, a minister in the Czech government described Boris Johnson as "unimpressive" but noted that at least he had "avoided any gaffes" during a visit in September.

The Czech deputy minister for foreign affairs Jakub Durr told officials "he felt sorry for British Ambassadors around the EU trying to communicate a coherent message when there is political confusion at home".

Meanwhile, during a meeting in Luxembourg, Ian Forrester, the British judge in the European Court of Justice bemoaned "the quality of politicians in Westminster".

He also wondered if the British public would view Brexit as "a great mistake" when they realised what leaving the EU entailed, according to the leaked paper.

The report was compiled just weeks after Theresa May told EU leaders in Brussels that focus would be on three key issues.

It highlights the significant concerns that will make it difficult to progress negotiations ahead of next month’s summit.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has declined to comment on the report.

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