Here are the key points from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour manifesto promising 'better future' for UK

Here are the key points from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour manifesto promising 'better future' for UK

The Labour manifesto promises a "better future for our country", Jeremy Corbyn said as he set out his blueprint for government in the UK.

The document shows "what Britain could be and a pledge of the difference a Labour government can and will make", he said at the launch of the manifesto in Bradford.

The event came after the party was hit by an embarrassing leak which saw a draft of the plans released to the press a week ahead of its official launch.

Mr Corbyn said Labour is offering a "manifesto for all generations", adding: "We're providing hope and genuine opportunity for everybody.

"I say to our children, whatever the postcode you're born in, we will make sure you have the same chance as every other child."

Mr Corbyn said people want a country "run for the many, not the few" as he said the last seven years have seen "our people live through the opposite".

Here are the key points from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour manifesto promising 'better future' for UK

He described it as a "Britain for the rich and the elite and the vested interests" while millions have struggled.

Mr Corbyn added: "Whatever your age or situation, people are under pressure, struggling to make ends meet.

"Our manifesto is for you."

Mr Corbyn pledged a "radical and responsible" offer to voters, also telling the event: "We will change our country while managing within our means.

"And will lead us through Brexit while putting the preservation of jobs first."

Mr Corbyn reiterated key pledges, including ruling out rises in VAT and National Insurance while also noting income tax will not rise for 95% of workers.

He received big cheers for stating Labour will scrap tuition fees to ensure it lifts the "debt cloud" from hundreds of thousands of young people.

Mr Corbyn said Labour was offering "hope" against the "fear" tactics of the Tories.

Labour would offer new protections for workers, including ending the "scandal" of zero-hours contracts.

Mr Corbyn said Labour's plans would involve the wealthy and big corporations paying "a little bit more" tax - and "stop dodging" it in the first place.

The Labour leader said "we make no apology for finding the resources to hire 10,000 new police officers and 3,000 new firefighters".

Ending hospital parking charges and creating four new bank holidays were "smaller things that can make a real difference".

But the main challenge was creating a thriving economy and coping with Brexit.

"For seven years the Conservatives have been holding Britain back," he said.

"Low investment, low wages, low growth. Labour will move Britain forward with ambitious plans to unlock this country's potential."

A national investment bank and regional development banks would "finance growth and good jobs for all parts of the UK".

A "national education service" and taking key infrastructure into public ownership would also feature in Labour's plans.

Renationalising the railways would "put passengers first", Labour would "take back control" of water by bringing it under regional public ownership and there would be a "public stake" in the energy sector to keep bills down.

On Brexit, Mr Corbyn said Labour would "put jobs first" while the Tories would have a plan "geared to the interests of the City of London and risk making Britain a low-wage tax haven".

He also restated his challenge to Theresa May to "come out of hiding" and take part in a TV debate.

Here are the key points from the Labour manifesto:


:: No income tax rises for those earning below £80,000 a year - but "top 5% of earners will be asked to contribute more in tax" to fund public services.

:: No rise in personal National Insurance Contributions or the rate of VAT.

:: Lower small profits rate of corporation tax will be reintroduced to protect small businesses.


:: Target of "eliminating the government's deficit on day-to-day spending within five years".

:: Ensure national debt is lower at the end of the next Parliament than at present.


:: National Transformation Fund will be created to invest £250 billion over 10 years to upgrade economy.

:: Complete HS2 high-speed rail line, and link the project with other rail investments such as Crossrail of the North and the Durham Freight Centre.

:: Build a new Brighton Main Line for South East.

:: Rail electrification and expansion across the country.


:: Scrap Conservatives' Brexit White Paper and replace with "fresh negotiating priorities" with strong emphasis on retaining Single Market and Customs Union.

:: Labour government would "immediately guarantee" existing rights for all EU nationals in Britain.

:: It would "reject 'no deal' as a viable option".


:: Labour will not "scapegoat migrants" and will not set a cap on immigration, describing targets as "bogus".

:: International students will not be included in immigration numbers, but the party will crack down on "fake colleges".


:: Labour will create a National Education Service for England to incorporate all forms of education.

:: Overhaul existing childcare system and extend the 30 hours of free childcare to all two-year-olds.

:: Labour promises to reduce class sizes to "less than 30" for five, six and seven-year-old children.

:: Devolve responsibility for skills to city regions or devolved administrations.

:: Scrap university tuition fees and reintroduce maintenance grants for students.

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