Four women removed from flight after 'making racist slurs and threats'

Four young women were thrown off a flight to Ibiza for bad behaviour after alleged racist slurs and threats to other passengers even before take-off.

The women, believed to be from the Merseyside area, were scheduled to fly out to the party island on Tuesday night on a Monarch Airlines flight from Manchester Airport in England.

But police were called and all four were taken off the aircraft because of their alleged behaviour, while the other passengers jetted off on holiday.

Photos of the incident have been posted on social media by one of the passengers on the flight, with thousands of critical comments about the behaviour.

Frustrated passenger Amber Elouise Ferguson, from Manchester, posting on her Facebook page, claimed the women used racist language and threatened other flyers.

Ms Ferguson, a teaching assistant, said: "Anyone know these three girls??

"If you know them or are related to them you should be ashamed to know such disgusting human beings!!

"Luckily for them the police came and took them off the flight because I got told I don't know who I'm dealing with (hahaha okay!) & our friend who's flying is extremely nervous & it's his first time flying and he had to sit right in front of them being harassed! It's disgusting! I'd love to be reunited with them and see if there (sic) as brave without any alcohol!"

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "Shortly before 7.10pm on Tuesday September 13 2016, police were called to Manchester Airport for assistance.

"Four women were removed from a plane. No further action was required."

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