Family court dispute father 'in hiding with child after life-threatening attack'

A man who was the victim of a life-threatening attack has gone into hiding with his four-year-old son after police concluded that he remained at risk of being killed, a judge has said.

Detail of the case has emerged after the man become involved in a family court dispute over the child with his estranged wife.

A judge who has analysed the pair's dispute at a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London said the man is living at a "secure location" with the little boy.

Mr Justice Cobb said he did not know the address nor did the little boy's mother.

He had examined a number of legal issues at a hearing in June and has outlined "background facts" in a written ruling.

The judge, who has not identified the family involved or given any indication where they come from, said the case was unusually sensitive.

"Shortly after (the boy's) birth, the parents separated," said Mr Justice Cobb.

"There followed lengthy and bitterly contested (family court) proceedings.

"When those were at an advanced stage, the father was the victim of a serious and life-endangering attack, which he survived.

"This led to the trial, and convictions, of a number of people for the offence of conspiracy to murder."

The judge did not say when or where the trial had taken place but he added: "The police have assessed, on information supplied, that there is a second, and continuing, conspiracy to murder the father."

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