Examples of Russian interference referenced 'not in UK', Theresa May stresses

Theresa May has suggested there has been no Russian interference in British elections.

The Prime Minister defended Boris Johnson's comments on the issue and told MPs the examples she had given in a speech on Monday had referenced interference in other countries.

It came after senior Labour MP Mary Creagh questioned whether the Foreign Secretary had been "wilfully blind" on the issue.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Mrs May told MPs: "I spoke on Monday about the issue of Russian interference in elections.

"We have seen that take place in a number of countries in Europe.

"It's all very well Labour members pointing to the Foreign Secretary.

"He made a specific point about what was happening here in the United Kingdom, and if they care to look at the speech I gave on Monday, they will see that the examples I gave of Russian interference were not in the United Kingdom."

Mrs May also confirmed that the Intelligence and Scrutiny Committee of Parliament, which scrutinises the security services, was due to be established on Wednesday.

Ms Creagh, a former shadow cabinet minister, had asked Mrs May: "The Foreign Secretary told this House he'd seen no evidence of Russian interference in UK elections and the referendum.

"Yet on Monday the Prime Minister warned Russia not to meddle in western democracies, and today The Times reports that fake Russian Twitter accounts churned out thousands of messages in an attempt to influence the EU referendum result.

"Has the Foreign Secretary not been kept in the dark on the intelligence, has he not read it, or is he wilfully blind?"

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