Editor of Gay Times suspended as offensive tweets come to light

The newly appointed editor of the British magazine, Gay Times, has been suspended after a series of anti-Semitic and racist tweets came to light.

Josh Rivers, a former marketing manager less than a month into his new job, has been forced to apologise over the posts.

The tweets – which have since been deleted – were shared between 2010 and 2015 and were initially exposed by BuzzFeed News.

One reportedly read: “I wonder if they cast that guy as ‘The Jew’ because of that f****** ridiculously larger honker of a nose. It must be prosthetic. Must be.”

He is said to have described transgender people as “tranny”, while another reportedly read: “Long day. How would I type that with Chinese accent? Wong way?”

Others hit out at lesbians and a number of posts abused “fat” or “ugly” people.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Gay Times said Rivers’s “past tweets do not align with the values of Gay Times, or any of our employees, in any capacity”.

“Josh has been suspended with immediate effect while we investigate the facts. Appropriate action will be taken in due course.”

In a separate statement, Rivers described his messages as “horrible”, “hateful” and “abhorrent”.

He said they came from a place of “deep self-loathing that I’ve worked hard to overcome”.

Rivers posted on Twitter: “To every single person who is hurt, offended and disappointed: I’m sorry.

“I have long taken steps to address the issues that prevented me from treating people with the respect and kindness I value so dearly now. It is because of my past and my own awakening that I’ve since pivoted everything in my life towards supporting and empowering our community. It is upsetting that the damage I caused before has now resurfaced to cause more pain.”

He added: “I hope we can use this as an opportunity for growth, for healing, for moving forward. As evidenced by my own example, there is so much work to do.”

Rivers’s appointment was announced on October 27, when he told media magazine The Drum he was picked for the role for his “keen eye for detail, well-honed leadership skills and the ability to execute vision”.

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