Donald Trump said drugs were 'becoming cheaper than candy bars' but many smelled fake news

Donald Trump has muttered many a questionable sentence, but one in particular has had people screaming “fake news”.

During a White House news conference on Thursday, the president claimed the US was becoming a “drug-infested nation” with “drugs becoming cheaper than candy bars”. He, of course, vowed to never let that happen any longer.

Immediately many questioned Trump’s fact-checking abilities, branding the statement – in the president’s own favourite words – “fake news”.

The claims also aroused several questions from viewers that needed answering pronto. What ridiculously-priced chocolate is Trump eating? Where is it possible to purchase drugs that cheap?

A couple thought Trump’s comments were a sly reference to the ever-rising price of Freddo bars. Seriously, the once 10p chocolate bar has faced a recent price-hike to 30p. Brits across the nation were outraged, it was a pretty big deal.

Trump was using the rhetoric the US had become a “drug-infested nation” to support his controversial initiative to build a wall along the Mexico- US border.

He said: “We’ve ordered the Department of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate a plan to destroy criminal cartels coming into the United States with drugs.”

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