Can you find the camera hidden in this cash machine?

Thieves are getting ever more resourceful now in their efforts to get customers’ pin numbers at bank cash machines.

An off-duty police officer in the UK uncovered a near-invisible hidden camera in one machine in London recently.

Police there tweeted photos of the ATM in Westminster which show how hard it is to spot the devices.

The thieves had concealed the tiny camera in a false front to the slot from which receipts are printed on the left-hand side of the bank machine.

It was positioned to film customers putting in their pin numbers and police have warned bank customers to be extra careful when using cashpoints.

The officer dislodged the false front to expose the device before removing it.

Scotland Yard tweeted: 'Off duty @MPSNewham Special Constable has sniffed out a covert camera recording the pin pad of this ATM in @MPSWestminster. This is why it is so important to #CoverYourPin when taking out cash.'

A salutary warning which applies everywhere, not just in the UK.

- Digital Desk

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