Basque separatist group ETA apologises for armed campaign

Basque separatist group ETA has apologised for the pain that its armed campaign for Basque independence has caused, and vowed not to return to violence.

In a statement published today by Basque newspapers Beria and Gara, ETA acknowledged "its direct responsibility in causing pain during its armed trajectory, as well as its commitment to finally overcome the consequences of the conflict and to not fall into its repetition".

"We really are sorry," the statement added.

ETA, which killed more than 800 people including police, politicians and entrepreneurs, will announce its final dissolution early next month, Basque regional broadcaster ETB reported this week.

File photo.

After more than four decades of car bomb attacks, shootings and kidnappings, the group gave up its violent campaign in 2011 and disarmed itself one year ago.

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